MOY Construction Co. Ltd is a well-established Construction company based in Surrey in South East England. We have been trading since 1987 and have built up a large customer base through our professionalism and quality of workmanship.

As a leading construction company, we believe the future of construction is sustainable and environmentally friendly construction, so our builds are constructed with the environment as a focal point where possible.

We have a vast experience in construction, maintenance, alteration and refurbishment of all styles of properties. We are a professional company with long-serving and experienced staff able to carry out all aspects of the building trade.

At Moy Construction Co. Ltd we endeavour to complete our projects to the total satisfaction of the client, and we have ongoing relations with the clients with which we achieve repeat business.

Whatever your building or maintenance requirements may be, we offer the highest quality of service using our experienced staff.

Moy Construction Co Ltd is listed on Local Surrey Business Directory

We have been awarded the bark Certificate of Excellence 2019:

Moy construction co ltd