Making sure we protect the environment

MOY Construction Co. Ltd is leading the way in environmental construction.

As a company, we are always looking towards the future. We believe the future of construction is sustainable construction, which is why we have put a lot of effort and resources into making sure that our builds are constructed as environmentally friendly as possible.

We install Green Roofs, Air Source heating solutions, Green Energy, and many other general Environmental works.

Our approach to sustainable construction is based upon good business sense, recycling material on site, car sharing, cycling to work or taking public transport, using timber from renewable sources (certified) and the increasing importance of minimising waste and increasing efficiency in all of our construction practices.

Sustainable construction is based upon best practices, techniques and processes which emphasise the benefits of long-term affordability, quality and efficiency.

Its fundamental aim is to minimise any negative effect on the environment whilst increasing the economic value of each project, contributing to real savings in terms of energy usage and the use of raw materials.